The Aspen House

Our long-term private care home is situated in the heart of Elbow Park in Calgary. It welcomes families and clients that are living with Dementia.

About The Aspen House

This home is dedicated to support walking Seniors living with dementia, who may have acute, chronic or a terminal illness that need full time assistance. 

The Home was built in 1912 and boasts a bright and open floor plan with hardwood floors, senior amenities, and spacious living spaces. The home is located 5 minutes from downtown Calgary, on 6th Street and 34th Avenue with easy access to Elbow Drive in the south-west quadrant of the city. Seniors living at the Aspen House have access to full-time care, at-home living amenities including: a large garden, a modern kitchen, large dining room, family room, modern bathrooms and personal living quarters. 

our home provides:

  • Child + Youth Involvement
  • Community Engagement + Events
  • Senior Pilates + Yoga Classes
  • Daily Care Aid to Patients
  • Outdoor Garden and Living Spaces
  • Personal Transport Services
  • Access to Doctor and Pharmasists 
  • 24/7 Staffed Home
  • Personal and Individual Care Plans
  • Tailored Home Cooked Menus
  • Flexible Meal Times
  • Holistic Care
  • Physiotherapy + Rehab Services
  • Flexible Activity Schedules