Featured Partner of the Month: Calgary Pilates


Every month we are dedicating a blog post to one of our community partners. This month, we introduce Calgary Pilates, one of Calgary’s largest Pilates studios!

Seniors living at the Aspen House have access to a wide range of amenities including yoga and pilates classes at Calgary Pilates. The fitness studio is well equipped to handle all ages and fitness levels. This licensed training center provides professional individual or group classes. Typically, our Aspen Care clients attend the group classes tailored to their activity level. Calgary Pilates can also offer individual programs that provide specialized one-on-one guidance and support.

Our clients can expect a low client-instructor ratio from attending a Calgary Pilates class. Focussed on the needs of each individual, the instructors at Calgary Pilates are nothing but pleasant and helpful. Each instructor is trained to handle many situations involving physical safety, health and fitness.

There is indeed plenty of benefits of Pilates. Many articles and fitness magazines have reviewed this form of exercise as one of the best for spatial awareness. This exercise focuses primarily on abdominal strengthening and trunk muscles, known as the “core” of our bodies. Pilates can look deceptively easy, however, the tiny-movements make for big results. The repetitive nature of the movements truly helps with injury prevention, flexibility, and core strength. As we age, balance disorders become more frequent, and Pilates is one way to help improve physical balance.

Some of the best ways to support and improve the quality of life for our clients is through physical activity. We sincerely thank Calgary Pilates for providing supportive classes for our Aspen Care family.

Visit Calgary Pilates HERE.