Happy Health Care Aide Day!


Today, October 18th  marks the Regional Health Care Aide Day. What does this mean?

Typically, on days like today, which celebrate a specific cause, serve as a reminder to appreciate those involved.  Manitoba and British Columbia have proclaimed that October 18th is the Regional Health Care Aide Day. “In 2012, The government of British Columbia created Health Care Assistant Day to recognize the frontline service that health-care assistants provide for seniors and others in care.” Even though Alberta may not recognize October 18th as the Health Care Aide Day, we would still like to take a moment to support our nation’s healthcare providers. 

So especially today, Aspen Care would like to say “thank you” to our staff, and to our fellow community in healthcare for providing services for those in need. Being a healthcare practitioner or provider is never an easy task, and we thank all members of society who are helping the community! 

Happy Health Care Aide Day!