Featured Partner of the Month: The Calgary Public Library


This month we feature The Calgary Public Library. With the recent opening of the new library downtown Calgary, we want to acknowledge the tremendous service they provide for our city! 

Last week, we said hello to a brand new structure downtown Calgary. The opening of the Calgary Central Public Library was a smashing success, with plenty of press to go around. The new library is now one of Calgary's striking architectural icons, providing 240,000 square feet of functional and thoughtfully designed space. The public building invites Calgarians to gather, connect and learn with access to over 450,000 books.  The building offers many amenities, including a seamless commute, as the LRT runs right through the structure. Aspen Care will most likely be paying this beautiful building a visit in the near future! 

Aspen Care utilizes the library weekly. The Calgary Public library provides a place of community gathering, inspiration, and learning which we value tremendously for our clients. We rent books, movies, and other resources to help exercise and nourish our minds. Aspen Care provides direct shuttle services to and from the library and additional support throughout our clients' visit. The library is such a large part of who we are as citizens, and we want to encourage our Aspen Care family to experience it first hand! 

Congratulations to the Calgary Public Library for opening its doors to the brand New Central Library!