What is Quality of Life at Aspen Care


We’ve had a number of people ask us what we mean when we offer “quality of life for our clients.” Quality of life is the standard of health, comfort and happiness experienced by an individual. At Aspen Care, it is our number one priority to ensure our clients are living their best life, and receiving quality of life.

When a client leaves their home, or experiences great changes in their well being, there can be a significant emotional impact.  Having a normal routine, physical, and emotional comfort, is essential to sustaining good health and happiness. Our goal is to ensure our clients feel at home, and are living the way they want to live, with as little change to their daily routines as possible. We are nurses first, but essentially life coaches, that assist each and every client throughout their day. We provide as much normacy throughout their daily lives as possible. We give our clients quality of life by providing them with the opportunity to wake up when they want to wake, to eat when they want to eat, and to execute their daily hobbies and activities - without restraint.

At Aspen Care, we understand that every client is different, and that the perception of quality of life may vary for each individual. As a private health care provider, we are able to offer personalized living experiences that tailor to each client. Each client is unique, and we understand that there are some key factors which promote quality of life:

  • Implementing self care activities. From taking a walk in the garden, to attending a yoga class, to going to the salon. Self-care is extremely important to establishing a happy and healthy life.
  • Frequency of contact with their family. At Aspen Care, we drive our clients to family gatherings and events. We ensure they are frequently keeping in contact with their loved ones.
  • Personal and private time: at the Aspen House, each client has their own personal living quarters, which they can decorate and make their own.
  • Fostering and building relationships. We encourage our clients to foster their significant relationships, whether that be friends, staff members or other residents.Our nurses develop trust, unconditional love and meaningful relationships with our clients.
  • Keeping active, staying useful and performing meaningful tasks.
  • Religion and spirituality. We support our clients in their religious or spiritual journeys. Whether that be taking them to church, or joining them at a community event.
  • Community Engagement. Having our clients join in the community allows them to socialize, and encourages them to take part in something meaningful. Our community partners help us each and every day achieve quality of life for each Aspen Care Client.