Our Partners and Nurse Practitioners at Wello


Aspen Care occasionally requires a nurse practitioner for greater medical matters, and urgencies. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have undertaken graduate studies and training in advanced clinical practice. These nurse practitioners are able to conduct comprehensive medical assessments, diagnose health illnesses, and certain medical conditions within a holistic model of care, without the direct supervision of a doctor. As well as, these wonderful practitioners are able to interpret screenings and diagnostic tests, perform procedures, prescribe medications and therapeutic interventions. (Reference)

Aspen Care seeks this extra assistance from qualified nurse practitioners in difficult medical situations beyond the day-to-day care support we offer our clients. We at Aspen Care utilize a service called Wello - a dedicated team of nurse practitioners and care coordinators, who work closely with us to help our clients with their urgent medical needs.Wello is an extremely innovative virtual nursing tool, accessible to the public. Whether it is for immediate medical situations or for ongoing healthcare advice, Wello offers phone, video, secure messaging and 24/7 on-call support.

It is extremely important for Aspen Care to have an immediate support team. Wello plays a big part in our operations, and we are fortunate to have such an incredible program at our fingertips. Aspen Care’s ongoing partnership with Wello is so important and we accomplish a lot together. Partnering with this Canadian business makes our job a lot simpler, and we can achieve greater quality of life for all of our clients.

If you require a nurse practitioner, or virtual medical advice, please visit www.wello.ca for more information.