Featured Partner of the Month: Alzheimer's Society of Calgary


This month we would like to feature the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary, as our partner of the month!

The Alzheimer's Society of Calgary is a non-profit organization that supports and empowers families affected by the Alzheimer’s or Dementia disease. Dementia affects over 13,000 people in Calgary, with the most common type being Alzheimer’s disease. This number skyrockets if you include the caregivers, family, and friends of those living or supporting patients with dementia. (Source).

 This organization was founded over 35 years ago, with the help of a handful of volunteers. Currently, the organization has grown and “enables local people impacted by dementia to live life well and build the capacity of the community to support and care for them.” (Source)

The Society’s vision of enhancing the quality of life for local persons with dementia continues as they try to “increase the capacity of the community to support and care for persons impacted, provide access to evidence-based best practices in dementia care from disease onset, through end of life, and enable greater respect, support, identification and intervention for persons with dementia and their care partners.” You can find more information about the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary on their website: https://www.alzheimercalgary.ca/

Their website offers helpful information if you have recently been diagnosed with dementia, or are supporting a person with dementia. It offers tips on caregiving, best practices and helpful resources to improve the quality of life of any person affected by this disease.

We at Aspen Care love to support this wonderful organization, as many of our clients and their families are impacted. There are numerous ways you can support through:

  • Donation

  • Monthly Giving

  • Host a Fundraiser

  • Donate Your Car

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Corporate Giving

  • Will and Legacy Giving

  • Securities

  • Volunteer

  • Walk or Run for the Cause


Any support creates new opportunities for those affected and will assist with moving towards the greater vision of "living well with dementia."

 The Society offers many tips on supporting your loved one. One way to support those living with this disease is by providing them with Fidget Blankets, also known as Fidget Quilts or Activity Blankets. These are helpful tools that provide sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless or "fidgety" hands of  patients suffering from the disease. These Fidget Blankets typically include multiple types of fabric, colours, accessories and textures to stimulate sensors. Last week, the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary provided us with a couple of the Fidget Blankets for our clients, as well as a hand warmer. We are very grateful for these helpful tools, thank you Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary!

 If you would like to learn more about these blankets or any helpful Dementia tools, please contact or visit the Alzheimer's Society of Calgary’s website.