Senior's Week!


This week is Seniors Week! As we wrap up this week of senior appreciation, we encourage all Albertans to attend this last weekend of Senior events taking place across the province.

In Calgary, the city offers many events that help us join the community in appreciation for all of our seniors. For more information on events around the city, please visit: Calgary Senior Week or Global News

If you cannot make any of the events, there are other ways we can appreciate our seniors this month. Here are our favourite ways to show some love to our seniors:

1) Volunteer at a Senior Centre

There are so many ways to give back to the community including volunteering at senior centres. The city of Calgary offers volunteer opportunities for all ages and all skill levels. Volunteering can also help your own CV and boost your mental health. Sharing a few hours a month to help out is a great way to give back and to bond and build relationships with Calgarian seniors.

2) Write a letter

Write a letter to a grandparent, parent or a senior friend to remind them how much you care and love them. Writing cards or letters is always a nice way to show how much you appreciate them and provides a beautiful keepsake.

3) Learn about their family ancestry

Learning about someone’s past or family heritage is a great way to get to know someone, and show how much you care. Sometimes, you can even assist by creating a family tree, or family heritage book. Learn about ancestry using programs like

4) Cut grass or help out with basic home maintenance

If you have a senior living at home, or an independent parent, help them out by cutting their grass or assisting them with basic home maintenance.

5) Take your loved-ones to the salon

Ladies love being pampered! Take your mom, grandma, or senior friend to the nail salon for a girls day! After getting your nails done, take them out for lunch or to the spa!