10 Pre and Post Operative Care Tips to Help with a Speedy Recovery!

10 Pre and Post Operative Care Tips to Help with a Speedy Recovery!

At Aspen Care, we offer pre and post-operative care services. We offer these services at your home, or in facility before or after surgical procedures. Our care staff works closely with doctors to ensure speedy recoveries and diligent preparations before surgery.

During pre-operative care, physical and psychological preparations are made before any surgical procedure. Each patient has different requirements, and Aspen Care will oversee the prep to increase the success of the surgery.

Aspen Care works directly with your doctor to determine your post-operative care plan. The care plan will determine when you can be released from the hospital, post-surgery medication schedules, side-effects, ensure adequate nutrition, recovery mobilization plans, and schedules. In the event of an unlikely surgical complication, Aspen Care will respond immediately and accordingly.  Appropriate follow-up care is extremely important to ensure a successful recovery. 

Here are the 10 pre and post-surgery tips to help with speedy surgery recoveries.

  1. Understand everything there is to know about your surgery. Discuss every detail with your doctor. Ensure all of your concerns and questions are addressed before the procedure. 

  2. Notify your family members, and close friends about your surgery, and your post-operative plans. Aspen Care can create these post-op plans with the help of your doctor, so you can pass along the information.

  3. Plan for extra help, and lineup caregivers especially while you are immobilized. Whether that is 24/7 care, or care only part-time. Aspen Care can ease the post-operation.

  4. Follow the adequate pre-surgical and post-operative instructions and diet provided by your doctor, surgeon, and care provider 

  5. Consume healthy and balanced meals a week or two leading up to surgery. Ensure there is plenty of protein to help support your immunity

  6. Get plenty and consistent sleep at least a week before surgery

  7. Quit tobacco. According to the Arthritis Health Org, smoking can cause post-surgical complications

  8. Wear comfortable and loose clothing after your surgery. Comfort is key in recovery. 

  9. Limit alcohol use before and after surgery. Some medications and pain treatments require 0 tolerance. 

  10. Be positive! Recovery takes time. Be patient with yourself and your body. Everything takes time to heal, so be kind to yourself and allow your body to heal with plenty of sleep, rest, relaxation, nutrition, exercise when possible, and positivity!