Knowing When to Make the Move to a Senior Home


Knowing when to move your loved one to a senior home can be extremely difficult. The decision to move is stressful, emotional and overwhelming for most. It requires a delicate balance of compassion and compromise. Frequently, many seniors refuse or simply agonize the thought of transferring to a home. At Aspen Care, we believe it is important to remain as independent for as long as possible. Though, due to certain factors, the decision to remain in place or independent may become negative for your loved one.  

Certain signs can help inform you of the decision to move your loved one into a senior community. 

  1. If they’re having trouble with basic tasks including basic hygiene, getting dressed, etc. 

  2. Experiencing frequent injuries, including falling 

  3. Slow recovery times after falling ill or injured

  4. Experiencing mental distress, confusion or dementia/Alzheimers 

  5. Experiencing loneliness and depression

  6. Signs of significant weight loss or loss of appetite or becoming frail

  7. The inability to leave home and neglecting friends and social outings 

Each case is unique, and it is hard to determine whether a senior home is the best for your loved one. If you are considering this transition, there are some amazing benefits of a home. These include 24/7 care, socialization, a sense of community, physical activity, daily events + activities, and amenities. However, we advise you to do your research before leaping. Thoroughly research the facility, the types of care, the care staff, the rooms, prices, reviews, and lifestyle offered at the senior community. Aspen Care can help you with this research and provide helpful insight as well. We even help with on-going care within a facility. Our care team can be wherever your loved one is located. It is important to trust and know who your team of qualified care assistants are. That is why we offer many types of care anywhere.

If you are wondering whether or not a senior home is best for your loved one, Aspen Care can provide you with guidance. We will happily provide you with some insight into senior homes, private care, in-home care, and 24/7 care if that is what is best suited for your family and loved one. Feel free to speak with Shelley directly at (403) 990-3837 for more information and guidance on this matter.