What are Transitional Services?

Transitional services help our clients to live with dignity and stay safe, comfortable and as independent as possible wherever they live – in their own homes, retirement communities or long-term care. Our goal is to help create a safe and comfortable environment for our clients wherever they prefer. Knowing that their loved ones are receiving professional and compassionate care, family and friends can have peace of mind as they journey together.

Does Alberta Health Services Provide Transitional Services?

Yes. Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides a broad range of transitional services. We integrate our transitional services with those provided by Alberta Health Services and other resources in the community, thus enabling the best possible care for each client.

If Alberta Health Services provide transitional services, why do I need transitional services from private companies such as Aspen Care?

Our provincial health care system is stretched to the limit. While Alberta Health Services strives to provide transitional services, it is not able to provide adequate services for the following reasons:

  1. AHS’s decisions are often based on financial considerations and not strictly on the need of a patient. It is common for AHS to discharge patients from hospital within a few days after a serious illness such as brain tumor surgery but with no provision for home care services. Yet the patient needs 24/7 home care and other transitional services for a considerable time.
  2. AHS’s focus is on recovery from illness and it does not generally cover other services such as companion care, meal preparation, shopping, house cleaning, etc.
  3. AHS is not able to satisfy the personal preferences of patients.

If Alberta Health Services is assessing me to move to community living such as nursing home, do I have options? Is it possible for me to stay at home and receive care from home?

You have the right to stay in the safety and comfort of your home as long as you choose to stay. Aspen Care’s team of experienced consultants will discuss your wishes and needs with you and your family during an overall assessment. We will outline options based on your personal preferences, your safety, your comfort and your financial situation. We will also work with AHS to ensure that their support is maximized and fully integrated with our own services,

Who will provide transitional services for me?

Your comfort, safety and preference are our utmost concern. We will develop a comprehensive and personalized transitional care plan for you based on your specific requirements. This plan may include services of Registered Nurse, LPNs, Companions, Physiotherapists, and even hospital staff such as physicians and surgeons.

How long can I use transitional services?

We know that remaining in the comfort and safety of their homes is a priority for many clients. Aspen Care will support you to remain in your home as long as you prefer through the aid of transitional services. Many clients stay in their homes and complete their life journey in their own homes with the support of end-of-life palliative care.

How much will these services cost?

Frankly speaking, these services can be expensive, but who can put a cost on quality of life? We will help minimize cost by:

  • Leveraging services provided by Alberta Health Services – there is often funding available that the average person is unaware of
  • Integrating the care that your own family and friends are able and willing to provide, and
  • Then matching your requirements with consultants from our team.

For example, services of a 24/7 registered nurse can be very expensive. However, this service may be required only for short duration. Sometimes, services of a live-in caregiver are all that is needed in the long-term and may be quite cost-effective. For an assessment, please call us at 403-990-3837.

Are transitional services paid for by insurance companies?

Some insurance policies do include coverage for transitional services. Please call us for an assessment and consultation.

Where is Aspen Care?

Aspen Care is located right in the heart of Calgary, so that we are better able to provide the care needed to residents within our community. We work closely with Alberta Health Services so that we can maximize the medical care that is needed for our clients.

What makes Aspen Care different from other service providers?

We are proud of the positive differences we make in our clients’ lives. The main advantages for choosing Aspen Care are as follows:

  • Unlike a franchise operator from outside Alberta, we are a Calgary-based company. We have a better understanding of the needs of our community and our clients, which we can leverage for the benefit of our client, you. We will meet your requirements while fully integrating services provided by Alberta Health Services.
  • We understand your needs through our own personal family experiences. We have learned how to access provincial services and how to optimize services for your maximum benefit.
  • We uphold the highest standards of your personal dignity, independence, preferences, privacy and safety while providing you with compassionate care.
  • We will provide you with highly experienced and compassionate consultants who take personal pride in what they do.

How Do I Apply to work for Aspen Care?

Our recruiting process is quite selective. We only seek candidates who will have the utmost compassion and empathy for our clients. Our consultants treat their work as more than a job – it is their passion. Our company prides itself in helping fellow Calgarians, so it is important that we only select the finest candidates.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us. As our company is growing, we are always looking for qualified members who support our mission and help our efforts to provide exceptional services. For more information on the application process, please visit our Careers Page. 

How Do I Get in Touch with Aspen Care?

You can contact Aspen Care directly through our website, or email us at shelley.mclellan66@gmail.com

Our staff can also be reached by phone at: (403) 990-3837.